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Moving on & a rebirth,
Tomorrow I'm moving house so I wont be able to do any work for a few days but the main problem is that the new place doesn't have a phone line set up yet & it will take several weeks to sort out so I wont be online for a while. If you look on the bight side tho I wont have the Internet (manly MSN & e-bay) to distract me from work on the TR projects :)

I would also like to announce the return of my first mod C&CR. The mods original plan was to make RA2 more realistic (graphically) but still keep the wacky weapons & also incorporating some of the units seen in the concept art, I still intend to keep to this plan but a few things may change as work progresses. The site is being worked on atm but I wont have it done before I move but when I'm back online it will be the first thing I do. The first Alpha version is coming along nicely too, in-fact I might even have it done for when the site is launched so you lot can try it out then ^_^
Posted August 5, 2005 by Mig Eater

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