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Team Revenge RIP,
The Migeater.net site is finally up & running. So with that the revenge.cncguild.net account & TR it's self has been replaced with migeater.net & Mig Eater Studios. The new hub site is a bit empty atm but I'll be filling the download section with lots of goodies soon & any other random stuff I can think of :D
Posted September 19, 2007 by Mig Eater

Some of you might already know but a few weeks ago I bought the domain migeater.net. This domain is replacing the revenge.cncguild.net address that I've been using for several years now. Currently there isn't a site there at the moment but the D-day site has/is moving to dday.migeater.net (the one at the old address will still be up for awhile).

The Code Red website will also be moving to codered.migeater.net, I haven't finished the site yet but there are only a few small things left to do like uploading v0.95 to the new address. Hopefully next week the new Blitzkrieg site will be up & running too, which will be located at blitz.migeater.net :)
Posted August 5, 2007 by Mig Eater

M1A1 & M270,
Another two modern vxls now (I'm on a roll with these!) this time the M1A1 Abrams & the M270 MRLS. I'm surprised how quickly I've been making these, I haven't done any modern stuff in ages, I guess a vxl is still a vxl tho so it's all the same :p

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The M270 looks a bit big in comparison to the M1A1, anyone think it should be smaller?
Posted August 4, 2007 by Mig Eater

M113 APC,
I made The Humvee's big brother this morning, I remembered the turret & remap this time! :p It's slightly bigger then I want it to be tho but I just need to scale it down with the header.

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted August 4, 2007 by Mig Eater

TR shout boxes...,
I just thought I'd tell you that the shout boxes are for the fans to post little messages & not for the TR staff to post news/information. I say this as some one has been impersonating the staff (& fans) & posting false information, you should ignore all messages posted under the names of TR staff members.

I'm not really bothered about it & most ppl probably know this already but I just want to make sure :blush:
Posted September 17, 2005 by Mig Eater

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