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Old school tools,
I thought it was about time to add some downloads to the site & to start things off I added some older tools that I regularly get asked about. You can get Will's editor & TMP Editor v1.05 direct now, so no more ppl asking me to send them a copy!

I also added VXLSE II v2.1, which even tho now outdated by VXLSE III is still useful to have. Along with VXLSE II you can also download the auto-normals scrip I use with it, I doubt many ppl will find it useful but its there if anyone wants it.

I'll sort out some vxls & shps tomorrow so lookout for that.

PS: I'm thinking about making a forum skin to match the new site, think it's worth the effort?
Posted September 25, 2007 by

A10 Warthog,
The next in the line up is the A10 Warthog, I'm a bit disappointed with this one & don't really like how it turned out TBH. I'm too tired to redo it tho & it isn't for a proper mod anyway so meh. I started on a CH-47 Chinook but the weekend is over now & I feel like having a day off after all that voxel making :p

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted August 6, 2007 by

On Hold...,
Because of my new Admin job at the Guild I'm not going to be able to work on any of the TR projects for a few weeks (maybe up to a month) so everything is on hold for now.

I do have some good news tho, I am giving considerable thought into restarting work on Code Red v0.96. I'm not promising anything big but I'll at least fix a few bugs & make some adjustments to the gameplay. If you want to post any bug reports or ideas then please do so in the CR forum.
Posted March 26, 2006 by

New downloads,
I know you lot haven't see much out of my lately but that should change soon. But for now I have uploaded two new voxels.

Posted Image

Posted Image

The Valkyrie also comes with an cameo
Posted Image

I'm thinking of adding new d/l page(s) to the site for some of my hi-quality voxels, so look out for some oversized but cool looking stuff in the near future :rolleyes:
Posted July 25, 2005 by

Small update,
Just one new download for now.

My grey Seal which I painstakingly edited frame by frame :p (never again!)

Posted Image

I'm busy for the next few days but I'll post some other downloads early next week.
Posted April 13, 2005 by

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