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Will's VXL Editor

The original voxel editor made back in 2000

Version: 3a

Author: Will Sutton Download Size:304 KB

Voxel Section Editor (VXLSE II)

The last version of the second voxel editor

Version: 2.1 SE

Author: Will, Plasmadroid, Koen, Stucuk Download Size:1004 KB

TS Normals Script

This is a TS Normals Script that I made for VXLSE II & use on all my voxels.
To use it just place it in the VXLSE II folder

Author: Mig Eater Download Size:1 KB

Deluxe Voxel Editor

A little known voxel editor made back in 2001,
only got as far as an alpha version

Version: 0.091

Author: Greg Edwards Download Size:355 KB

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